Welsh Stories of Love, Unrequited or Otherwise

There always is this air around love stories; it is like many can relate. There are a lot of love stories involving the Welsh and below are some of them.

Rhys and Meinir

The sadness that engulfs lovers when they lose their equal can kill. Rhys and Meinir loved each other from childhood. On the day of their wedding, it was customary for the bride to hide and be sought out by the groomsmen who took her to church when they found her. Meinir hid, but she hid so well that the groomsmen could not find her. Rhys’ heart got shattered to smithereens, and he wandered off to the hills and went for over a year. One fateful night when it was raining hard, he shielded himself under their favourite tree on the hill. It gets struck by lightning, and it splits open. He beholds his bride’s skeleton in her wedding dress. She had hidden in their favourite tree and died in it. He could take the pain, and he died broken-hearted.

Myfanwy and Hywel

Myfanwy is a song about unrequited love. Hywel, a poet, fell in love and wooed Myfanwy, a stunning princess who lived in Castell Dinas Bran. She falls for him but is turned off by his lack of money and leaves him for a wealthier suitor. A vain move on her part which leaves Hywel broken hearted. He consoles himself by singing this sad song while wandering the forests.

Macsen and Elen

It is not a folk story but a true story of a powerful Roman official who marries a Welsh maiden. Macsen Wledig was the Britain’s Roman Governor. His bride came to him in a dream he had of a beautiful faraway land. He visits the area which turns out to be Wales. He meets and marries Elen. His love for her goes deep shown by the three castles he builds her at Carmarthen, Caernarfon, and Caerleon. He became emperor of Rome but was executed for treason living behind the love of his life.

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