North Wales and Its Surroundings

North Wales, a wild and strikingly beautiful coastal area that has been made accessible by its main A55 motorway, will take you to bare lands and serenity. This area is hiker’s paradise thanks to its many mountain trails.

Snowdonia, is the capping splendor in North Wales, and is where you will find Snowdonia National Park with soaring overhangs, jagged crests, and tumbling cascades. When up in the mountain areas, one might come across ancient castle ruins.

Making your way up the North Wales roadway, you will not lack for anything to do or see. There is a line-up of gems that will awe and amaze as you make your way up.

Ancient Mines

The mines up in North Wales are dated back to the 13th Century but became a flurry of activity some 600 years later. Today, those mining gates are a starting point for many hikers who tread the mountain trails and explore the same routes used by the miners of that time.

Criccieth Castle

The castle has breath-taking views taken in from its strategic position on a high cliff and characterised by its unbridled drop to the sea below.

Portmeirion Piazza

How about a little Italian village in the middle of North Wales? Portmeirion is characterised by magnificent villas, speckled cupolas, and elegant naturally landscaped gardens.

South Stack Cliffs Reserve

Birdwatchers and nature lovers enjoy visiting the cliff during summer for its blast of colours and sound of porpoises and adders. When winter rolls in, birders can enjoy the sounds of peregrines, starlings, and ravens and echoing on the cliffs.

Menai Heritage Experience

Learn about the history of Menai Strait and the two bridges that cut through it, the Suspension Bridge built by Thomas Telford, and the Britannia Bridge by Robert Stephenson.

Contemporary Art Galore

Take time and visit OrielMostyn Gallery which was revamped in 2010, but maintains its 20th-century style. Art lovers and old-building enthusiasts will have a field day exploring and absorbing the beautiful art and architectural wonder at OrielMostyn. You do not want to miss out on this magnificence.