Legendary Welsh Places To Checkout

All around the world, some places hold a lot of significance primarily to the residents of that specific area. Wales is no different as it has many stories about the people and places that carries a lot of legendary importance.

The following are some of those legendary places intertwined with mythical stories of the people who made them what they are today.

Yr Ysgwrn

I know what you are thinking, “What gibberish place is this?” Well, this is the Welsh name of where Hedd Wyn was born. Who was Hedd Wyn, you ask? It was the pseudonym Ellis Evans was using to write his poems. He was a casualty of World War 1. He was born in Yr Ysgwrn which is home to the monument Y Gadair Ddu which translates to The Black Chair.


Beddgelert is a quaint village in Snowdonia named after Gelert who was a beloved dog to Llywelyn the Great. The legend goes that Gelert saved Llywelyn’s baby boy from a wolf which made him the favourite dog of Llywelyn. Gelert got fallaciously killed in an unfortunate case of false identity. Gelert’s story will evoke tears to dog lovers who read up on his death story.

Llanddwyn Island

It is the story of St. Dwynwen who chose to live as a nun on Llanddwyn Island after trying to get love and not being successful. On the island, she always prayed for lovers to be lucky in their passion. Her fervent prayers for others promoted her to sainthood. The Welsh honour her on the 25th of January, every year. Lovers go to her home on the island to seal their love for each other.

St David’s

This magnificent cathedral is a historical monument in Wales which was built in the 12th century and has become a pilgrimage site for many religious visitors of Wales. It is found near River Alun, and named after Saint David, celebrated during the Eisteddfodau.